Commit 98a8c84f authored by Duncan Macleod's avatar Duncan Macleod

gitlab-ci: fixed some bugs (hopefully)

parent 215aef08
......@@ -90,12 +90,13 @@ build:el7:
- python sdist
- rpmbuild -tb dist/ligo-segments*.tar.gz
- mv ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/*/python*-ligo-segments-*.rpm dist/el7/
- rm -rf dist/*.tar.gz
.build:debian: &build_debian
<<: *build
DIST_PATH: "dist/${CI_JOB_NAME##*:}"
- DIST_PATH="dist/${CI_JOB_NAME##*:}"
- mkdir -p ${DIST_PATH}
- apt-get update -yqq
- apt-get install -yq
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