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Commit c10574d4 authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon

in Python version be careful of len() vs bool()

- don't rely on bool(other) testing that other is an empty sequence, or else operations like segmentlist() - None appear to work.  The C version already does this correctly.
parent 790e11d2
......@@ -676,7 +676,10 @@ class segmentlist(list):
and another. For lists of length m and n respectively,
this operation is O(n + m).
if not other:
# we test len() and not simply bool() to not allow
# arithmetic to succeed on objects simply because they are
# logically false
if not len(other):
return self
if other is self:
del self[:]
......@@ -748,8 +751,11 @@ class segmentlist(list):
calculation of the intersection, i.e. by testing bool(self
& other). Requires both lists to be coalesced.
# if either has zero length, the answer is False
if not (self and other):
# if either has zero length, the answer is False. we know
# our bool() tests our length, but we use len() on other
# explicitly to avoid allowing arithmetic to succeed on
# objects simply because their boolean falue is false
if not (self and len(other)):
return False
# walk through both lists in order, searching for a match
i = j = 0
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