Commit 1e047f7c authored by Colm Talbot's avatar Colm Talbot Committed by Moritz Huebner
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Add custom interpolation

parent 762568df
......@@ -925,7 +925,10 @@ class Counter(object):
class UnsortedInterp2d(interp2d):
def __call__(self, x, y, dx=0, dy=0, assume_sorted=False):
""" Wrapper to scipy.interpolate.interp2d which preserves the input ordering.
""" Modified version of the interp2d call method.
This avoids the outer product that is done when two numpy
arrays are passed.
......@@ -942,8 +945,34 @@ class UnsortedInterp2d(interp2d):
array_like: See superclass
unsorted_idxs = np.argsort(np.argsort(x))
return super(UnsortedInterp2d, self).__call__(x, y, dx=dx, dy=dy, assume_sorted=False)[unsorted_idxs]
from scipy.interpolate.dfitpack import bispeu
out_of_bounds_x = (x < self.x_min) | (x > self.x_max)
out_of_bounds_y = (y < self.y_min) | (y > self.y_max)
bad = out_of_bounds_x | out_of_bounds_y
if isinstance(x, float) and isinstance(y, float):
if bad:
output = self.fill_value
ier = 0
output, ier = bispeu(*self.tck, x, y)
if isinstance(x, np.ndarray):
output = np.zeros_like(x)
x_ = x[~bad]
x_ = x * np.ones_like(y)
if isinstance(y, np.ndarray):
output = np.zeros_like(y)
y_ = y[~bad]
y_ = y * np.ones_like(x)
output[bad] = self.fill_value
output[~bad], ier = bispeu(*self.tck, x_, y_)
if ier == 10:
raise ValueError("Invalid input data")
elif ier:
raise TypeError("An error occurred")
return output
# Instantiate the default argument parser at runtime
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