Commit 2eb03c17 authored by Moritz Huebner's avatar Moritz Huebner

Merge branch 'make-ref-dist-attribute' into 'master'

Make _ref_dist an attribute

See merge request lscsoft/bilby!913
parents adc873ad 8ab5c8f7
......@@ -166,6 +166,7 @@ class GravitationalWaveTransient(Likelihood):
self.distance_prior_array = np.array(
for distance in self._distance_array])
self._ref_dist = self.priors['luminosity_distance'].rescale(0.5)
if self.phase_marginalization:
max_bound = np.ceil(10 + np.log10(self._dist_multiplier))
......@@ -597,11 +598,6 @@ class GravitationalWaveTransient(Likelihood):
def _delta_distance(self):
return self._distance_array[1] - self._distance_array[0]
def _ref_dist(self):
""" Median distance in priors """
return self.priors['luminosity_distance'].rescale(0.5)
def _dist_multiplier(self):
''' Maximum value of ref_dist/dist_array '''
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