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Update the communication channels slack/mattermost

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......@@ -14,10 +14,11 @@ Online material to help you get started:
If you need help, find an issue, or just have a question/suggestion you can
- Join our `Slack workspace <>`__ (you may need to email the support desk to request an invite)
- Email our support desk:
- Join our `Slack workspace <>`__
- Ask questions (or search through other users questions and answers) on `StackOverflow <>`__ using the bilby tag
- For users, submit issues directly through `the issue tracker <>`__
- For users, join the `#bilby-help <>`__ or `#bilby-devel <>`__ channels
We encourage you to contribute to the development of bilby. This is done via a merge request. For
help in creating a merge request, see `this page
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