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Version 1.4.0 Release

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# All notable changes will be documented in this file
## [1.4.0] 2022-11-18
Version 1.4.0 release of Bilby
The main changes in this release are support for more recent versions of `dynesty` (!1138)
and `nessai` (!1161) and adding the
`RelativeBinningGravitationalWaveTransientLikelihood` (!1105)
(see [arXiv:1806.08792]( for details.
### Added
- Per-detector likelihood calculations (!1149)
- `` (!1105)
### Changes
- Reset the timer for `PyMultiNest` when overwriting an existing checkpoint directory (!1163)
- Cache the computed the noise log likelihood for the `GravitationalWaveTransient` (!1179)
- Set the reference chirp mass for the multi banded likelihood from the prior when not specified (!1169)
- Bugfix in the name of the saved ASD file in `Interferometer.save_data` (!1176)
- Modify the window length for stationarity tests for `ptemcee` (!1146)
- Explicit support for `nessai>=0.7.0` (!1161)
- Allow prior arguments read from a string to be functions (!1144)
- Support `dynesty>=1.1.0` (!1138)
## [1.3.0] 2022-10-23
Version 1.3.0 release of Bilby
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