Commit 4b350620 authored by NV KRISHNENDU's avatar NV KRISHNENDU Committed by NV KRISHNENDU
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minor correction in the description of the fn

parent f88c98ee
......@@ -2319,7 +2319,7 @@ void LALInferenceQ2Eta(double q, double *eta)
*eta = q/((1+q)*(1+q));
/* Calculate dQuadMonS and dQuadMonA from dQaudMon1 and dQuadMon2 */
/* Calculate dQuadMon1 and dQuadMon2 from dQaudMonS and dQuadMonA */
void LALInferencedQuadMonSdQuadMonA(REAL8 dQuadMonS, REAL8 dQuadMonA, REAL8 *dQuadMon1, REAL8 *dQuadMon2){
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