Commit a3064e19 authored by Maria Haney's avatar Maria Haney
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Merge branch 'SimInspiralFD_change' into 'master'

Change the behaviour of XLALSimInspiralFD for precessing EOB

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!1216
parents e6edc20d 195f9127
......@@ -2627,7 +2627,10 @@ static int XLALSimInspiralTDFromFD(
* the very end of the waveform are also tapered. The resulting waveform is high-pass
* filtered at frequency f_min so that it should have little content at lower frequencies.
* If calling the NR_hdf5 approximant then the starting frequency is not altered.
* If calling with precessing time-domain approximants for which the reference frequency
* is the starting frequency, or if calling with NR_hdf5 approximant, the starting
* frequency is not altered. Uses XLALSimInspiralGetSpinFreqFromApproximant to determine
* appropriate behaviour.
* This routine used to have one additional parameter relative to XLALSimInspiralChooseTDWaveform:
* the redshift, z, of the waveform, which is now stuffed into the LALDict structure.
......@@ -2666,17 +2669,22 @@ int XLALSimInspiralTD(
/* call the appropriate helper routine */
if (XLALSimInspiralImplementedTDApproximants(approximant)) {
/* If using NR_hdf5 generate using XLALSimInspiralChooseTDWaveform and apply the
/* If using approximants for which reference frequency is the starting frequency
* generate using XLALSimInspiralChooseTDWaveform and apply the
* XLALSimInspiralTDConditionStage1 and XLALSimInspiralTDConditionStage2
* as is done in XLALSimInspiralTDFromTD.
* This is because XLALSimInspiralTDFromTD modifies the start frequency
* which is not always possible with NR_hdf5 waveforms.
if (approximant == NR_hdf5)
// Check whether for the given approximant reference frequency is the starting frequency
SpinFreq spin_freq_flag = XLALSimInspiralGetSpinFreqFromApproximant(approximant);
if (spin_freq_flag == LAL_SIM_INSPIRAL_SPINS_CASEBYCASE || spin_freq_flag == LAL_SIM_INSPIRAL_SPINS_FLOW)
if (XLALSimInspiralChooseTDWaveform(hplus, hcross, m1, m2, S1x, S1y, S1z, S2x, S2y, S2z, distance, inclination, phiRef, longAscNodes, eccentricity, meanPerAno, deltaT, f_min, f_ref, LALparams, approximant) <0)
/* taper the waveforms */
LALSimInspiralApplyTaper taper = LAL_SIM_INSPIRAL_TAPER_START;
if (XLALSimInspiralREAL8WaveTaper((*hplus)->data, taper) == XLAL_FAILURE)
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