Commit d68d1474 authored by NV KRISHNENDU's avatar NV KRISHNENDU Committed by NV KRISHNENDU
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prior ranges in LALInferenceInitCBC changed keeping temVal unaltered

parent 08e05d58
......@@ -2318,14 +2318,14 @@ static void LALInferenceInitNonGRParams(LALInferenceRunState *state, LALInferenc
REAL8 dbeta_min=-1.;
REAL8 dsigma_max=1.;
REAL8 dsigma_min=-1.;
REAL8 dQuadMon1_min=0.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon1_max=20.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon2_min=0.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon2_max=20.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonS_min=0.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonS_max=20.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonA_min=0.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonA_max=20.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon1_min=-200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon1_max=200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon2_min=-200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMon2_max=200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonS_min=-200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonS_max=200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonA_min=-200.0;
REAL8 dQuadMonA_max=200.0;
REAL8 tmpVal=0.0;
if ((pptb=LALInferenceGetProcParamVal(commandLine,"--LIV_A_sign"))) {
REAL8 LIV_A_sign;
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