Verified Commit ff371586 authored by Duncan Macleod's avatar Duncan Macleod
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CODEOWNERS: set librarians as include/ owners

so that changes to these directories are handled centrally
parent de67390b
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ debian/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
docker/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
doxygen/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
gnuscripts/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
include/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
* @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
* @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.gitlab-ci.yml @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
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