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    • Serguei Ossokine's avatar
      Change the behaviour of XLALSimInspiralFD for precessing EOB · 195f9127
      Serguei Ossokine authored
      Previosuly, this function would always start earlier than the
      requested frequency in order to ensure that the waveform is
      properly conditioned at the desired frequency. However,
      for precessing EOB models this is not appropriate, because the
      spins must be defined at the starting frequency of the simulation.
      Thus for precessing, time-domain  models for which the reference
       frequency is the starting frequency the behaviour is changed
      such that the waveforms are always generated at the requested
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      Generate combined code coverage reports for C and Python · 5608c272
      Leo P. Singer authored
      Measure C code coverage with gcc and Python coverage with
      coverage.py in a single test run.
      Output a Cobertura XML reports from the C coverage measurement
      using gcovr, and from Python using coverage.py. Then, merge into
      a single XML file, and generate an HTML report using pycobertura.
      GitLab has built-in support for viewing Cobertura code coverage
      measurements in merge requests, so we expose the merged XML file
      to GitLab using `artifacts:reports:cobertura:`.
      Based on the GitLab CI script for