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Release v0.12.0

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## 0.12.0 [27/04/2021]
### Changed
- NSBH conversions - bug fix in the NSBH conversions where the primary
spin magnitude was incorrectly used. The conversions now correctly use
- matplotlib rcParams - prevent seaborn/gwpy/pesummary affecting the matplotlib
rcParams when pesummary is imported within a python console
- pandas - unpin the pandas requirement
- IndexError - fix a bug where an IndexError was raised when adding to an
existing webpage
- m1--m2 triangle plot - use the Bounded_2d_kde class when generating an
m1--m2 triangle plot to handle the q=1 boundary
- NSBH conversions 2 - use the NSBH fits when lambda_1 samples exist in the
posterior table but are all 0
- License - change license at the top of each file
- Conversions - move all conversions from to
- Key data - display key data for a given parameter on the 1d_histogram pages
### Added
- Added the conversion to calculate the precession SNR from Fairhurst et al.
- Added the conversion to calculate the modified chi_p from L. M. Thomas et al.
- Added the conversion to calculate the viewing_angle
- Added a new `summaryextract` executable which extracts the posterior samples
for a given analysis stored within a pesummary metafile and writes it to a
separate file
- Added a new `summarycombine_posteriors` executable which performs the same
task as `cbcBayesCombinePosteriors`
- Added a new `summarytgr` executable which performs the post-processing for
the IMRCT of General Relativity
- Added checkpointing to pesummary. You may now restart from checkpoint by
passing the `--restart_from_checkpoint` flag
- Add an all tab for each 1d_histogram category when running with the gw
module. This means that all mass 1d posteriors can easily be compared
- Allow the user to read a file from a remote server
- Display the bilby prior file on the config tab when running with the gw module
- Add new `pe_algorithm` property of the read object which aims to identify
which algorithm/software was used to generate the posterior samples
- Generate a set of 'expert plots' when running with the gw module. These are
displayed on the webpages when the toggle is activated. These may be
disabled with the new `--disable_expert` flag
- Added a new argparse action to check that the files exist before continuing
with the rest of the workflow
- Add a property to the `Parameter` class which stores the parameter description
- Extract the config file stored within a bilby result file
## 0.11.0 [15/12/2020]
### Changed
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ master_doc = 'index'
# General information about the project.
project = u'PESummary'
copyright = u'2020, Charlie Hoy'
copyright = u'2021, Charlie Hoy'
# The version info for the project you're documenting, acts as replacement for
# |version| and |release|, also used in various other places throughout the
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