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Some yet untested functions

parent 4a340c1e
......@@ -1261,6 +1261,42 @@ class Result(object):
return weights
def get_weights_by_new_likelihood(self, new_likelihood, use_ratio=False):
return np.exp(self.get_log_weights_by_new_likelihood(new_likelihood, use_ratio))
def get_log_weights_by_new_likelihood(self, new_likelihood, use_ratio=False):
log_weights = []
parameters = [{key: self.posterior[key][i] for key in self.priors.keys()}
for i in range(len(self.posterior))]
for i in range(len(self.posterior)):
old_likelihood = self.posterior['log_likelihood'].iloc[i]
new_likelihood.parameters = parameters
if use_ratio:
log_weights.append(new_likelihood.log_likelihood_ratio() - old_likelihood)
log_weights.append(new_likelihood.log_likelihood() - old_likelihood)
return np.array(log_weights)
def get_reweighted_log_evidence(self, log_weights):
log_weights: array_like
The reweighted log evidence
return self.log_evidence + logsumexp(log_weights) - np.log(len(log_weights))
def resample_posterior_by_weights(self, weights):
from dynesty.utils import resample_equal
return resample_equal(self.posterior, weights)
class ResultList(list):
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