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Version 1.3.0 Release

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# All notable changes will be documented in this file
## [1.3.0] 2022-10-23
Version 1.3.0 release of Bilby
This release has a major change to a sampler interface, `pymc3` is no longer supported, users should switch to `pymc>=4`.
This release also adds a new top-level dependency, `bilby-cython`.
This release also contains various documentation improvements.
### Added
- Improved logging of likelihood information when starting sampling (!1148)
- Switch some geometric calculations to use optimized bilby-cython package (!1053)
- Directly specify the starting point for `bilby_mcmc` (!1155)
- Allow a signal to be specified to only be present in a specific `Interferometer` (!1164)
- Store time domain model function in CBCResult metadata (!1165)
### Changes
- Switch from `pymc3` to `pymc` (!1117)
- Relax equality check for distance marginalization lookup to allow cross-platform use (!1150)
- Fix to deal with non-checkpointing `bilby_mcmc` analyses (!1151)
- Allow result objects with different analysis configurations to be combined (!1153)
- Improve the storing of environment information (!166)
- Fix issue when specifying distance and redshfit independently (!1154)
- Fix a bug in the storage of likelihood/prior samples for `bilby_mcmc` (!1156)
## [1.2.1] 2022-09-05
Version 1.2.1 release of Bilby
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