Commit 773765e3 authored by Serguei Ossokine's avatar Serguei Ossokine Committed by Riccardo Sturani
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Make the warning more explicit

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......@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ INT4 XLALSimIMREOBFinalMassSpinPrec(
XLAL_PRINT_ERROR("Final spin fit had a large negative argument of sqrt! Aborting");
printf("Warning: in the final spin fit, argument of sqrt was negative!\n");
XLAL_PRINT_WARNING("Warning: in the final spin fit, argument of sqrt was negative. This is expected to occur due to the final spin formula used. \n");
*finalSpin = prefactor * sqrt(inside_sqrt);
// If somehow we have gone above the Kerr limit, don't.
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