Commit 3e0cb506 authored by Richard O'Shaughnessy's avatar Richard O'Shaughnessy add '--always-succeed' option

parent bfd84b9e
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ parser.add_argument("--parameter-range", action='append', help="Parameter ranges
parser.add_argument("--method", help="Test to perform: lame|ks1d|...")
parser.add_argument("--threshold",default=None, help="Manual threshold for the test being performed. (If not specified, the success condition is determined by default for that diagnostic, based on the samples size and properties")
parser.add_argument("--test-output", help="Filename to return output. Result is a scalar >=0 and ideally <=1. Closer to 0 should be good. Second column is the diagnostic, first column is 0 or 1 (success or failure)")
parser.add_argument("--always-succeed",help="Test output is always success. Use for plotting convergence diagnostics so jobs insured to run for many iterations.")
opts= parser.parse_args()
if len(opts.samples)<1:
......@@ -97,6 +98,9 @@ for param in opts.parameter:
val_test = test_lame(dat1,dat2)
print val_test
if opts.always_succeed:
if (val_test < 0.01):
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