Commit 46157bf3 authored by Richard O'Shaughnessy's avatar Richard O'Shaughnessy plot polar coordinates for spin1

parent 4ee49917
......@@ -338,8 +338,17 @@ if opts.posterior_file:
samples = add_field(samples, [('eta', float)]); samples['eta'] = eta_here
samples = add_field(samples, [('m1', float)]); samples['m1'] = m1_here
samples = add_field(samples, [('m2', float)]); samples['m2'] = mtot_here * q_here/(1+q_here)
if (not 'theta1' in samples.dtype.names) and ('a1x' in samples.dtype.names): # probably does not have polar coordinates
chiperp_here = np.sqrt( samples['a1x']**2+ samples['a1y']**2)
chi1_here = np.sqrt( samples['a1z']**2 + chiperp_here**2)
theta1_here = np.arctan( samples['a1z']/chiperp_here)
phi1_here = np.angle(samples['a1x']+1j*samples['a1y'])
samples = add_field(samples, [('chi1', float)]); samples['chi1'] = chi1_here
samples = add_field(samples, [('theta1', float)]); samples['theta1'] = theta1_here
samples = add_field(samples, [('phi1', float)]); samples['phi1'] = phi1_here
if "theta1" in samples.dtype.names:
elif "theta1" in samples.dtype.names:
a1x_dat = samples["a1"]*np.sin(samples["theta1"])*np.cos(samples["phi1"])
a1y_dat = samples["a1"]*np.sin(samples["theta1"])*np.sin(samples["phi1"])
chi1_perp = samples["a1"]*np.sin(samples["theta1"])
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