Commit 4b4f842a authored by Richard O'Shaughnessy's avatar Richard O'Shaughnessy

CIP: add option to constrain q range

parent 8c9e73a2
......@@ -638,6 +638,8 @@ if not (opts.eta_range is None):
print " Warning: Overriding default eta range. USE WITH CARE"
eta_range=prior_range_map['eta'] = eval(opts.eta_range) # really only useful if eta is a coordinate. USE WITH CARE
prior_range_map['delta_mc'] = np.sqrt(1-4*np.array(prior_range_map['eta']))[::-1] # reverse
eta_vals = np.array(eta_range)
prior_range_map['q'] = -1 - (np.sqrt(1-4*eta_vals) -1)/(2*eta_vals)
# change eta range normalization factors to match prior range on eta
norm_factor = unscaled_eta_prior_cdf(eta_range[0]) - unscaled_eta_prior_cdf(eta_range[1])
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