Commit 771ea79f authored by Richard O'Shaughnessy's avatar Richard O'Shaughnessy allow ampO as parameter (useful for writing injection files)

parent aa64e862
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ def lsu_StringFromPNOrder(order):
# Class to hold arguments of ChooseWaveform functions
valid_params = ['m1', 'm2', 's1x', 's1y', 's1z', 's2x', 's2y', 's2z', 'chi1_perp', 'chi2_perp', 'lambda1', 'lambda2', 'theta','phi', 'phiref', 'psi', 'incl', 'tref', 'dist', 'mc', 'eta', 'delta_mc', 'chi1', 'chi2', 'thetaJN', 'phiJL', 'theta1', 'theta2', 'psiJ', 'beta', 'cos_beta', 'sin_phiJL', 'cos_phiJL', 'phi12', 'phi1', 'phi2', 'LambdaTilde', 'DeltaLambdaTilde', 'lambda_plus', 'lambda_minus', 'q', 'mtot','xi','chiz_plus', 'chiz_minus', 'chieff_aligned','fmin', "SOverM2_perp", "SOverM2_L", "DeltaOverM2_perp", "DeltaOverM2_L", "shu"]
valid_params = ['m1', 'm2', 's1x', 's1y', 's1z', 's2x', 's2y', 's2z', 'chi1_perp', 'chi2_perp', 'lambda1', 'lambda2', 'theta','phi', 'phiref', 'psi', 'incl', 'tref', 'dist', 'mc', 'eta', 'delta_mc', 'chi1', 'chi2', 'thetaJN', 'phiJL', 'theta1', 'theta2', 'psiJ', 'beta', 'cos_beta', 'sin_phiJL', 'cos_phiJL', 'phi12', 'phi1', 'phi2', 'LambdaTilde', 'DeltaLambdaTilde', 'lambda_plus', 'lambda_minus', 'q', 'mtot','xi','chiz_plus', 'chiz_minus', 'chieff_aligned','fmin', "SOverM2_perp", "SOverM2_L", "DeltaOverM2_perp", "DeltaOverM2_L", "shu","ampO"]
tex_dictionary = {
"mtot": '$M$',
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