Commit 1beddae8 authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer Committed by Leo Pound Singer

Add trials factor for early warning alerts

parent 99391d7f
......@@ -116,6 +116,10 @@ preliminary_alert_far_threshold = {'cbc': 1 / (60 * 86400),
"""Group specific maximum false alarm rate to consider
sending preliminary alerts."""
early_warning_alert_trials_factor = 2.0
"""Trials factor for early warning alerts. There are two pipelines that are
producing early warning events: gstlal and spiir."""
preliminary_alert_trials_factor = dict(cbc=5.0, burst=4.0)
"""Trials factor corresponding to trigger categories. For CBC and Burst, trials
factor is the number of pipelines. CBC pipelines are gstlal, pycbc, mbtaonline
......@@ -418,11 +418,12 @@ def _should_publish(event):
the publishability criteria as a tuple for later use.
group = event['group'].lower()
trials_factor = app.conf['preliminary_alert_trials_factor'][group]
if 'EARLY_WARNING' in event['labels']:
far_threshold = app.conf['early_warning_alert_far_threshold']
trials_factor = app.conf['early_warning_alert_trials_factor']
far_threshold = app.conf['preliminary_alert_far_threshold'][group]
trials_factor = app.conf['preliminary_alert_trials_factor'][group]
far = trials_factor * event['far']
raven_coincidence = ('RAVEN_ALERT' in event['labels'])
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