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Setting for CNAF instance

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"""Application configuration for ````.
Inherits all settings from :mod:`gwcelery.conf.playground`, with the exceptions
from . import * # noqa: F401, F403
condor_accounting_group = ''
"""HTCondor accounting group for Celery workers launched with condor_submit."""
expose_to_public = False
"""Set to True if events meeting the public alert threshold really should be
exposed to the public."""
lvalert_host = ''
"""LVAlert host."""
gracedb_host = ''
"""GraceDB host."""
voevent_broadcaster_address = ':5341'
"""The VOEvent broker will bind to this address to send GCNs.
This should be a string of the form `host:port`. If `host` is empty,
then listen on all available interfaces."""
#voevent_broadcaster_whitelist = ['']
voevent_broadcaster_whitelist = []
"""List of hosts from which the broker will accept connections.
If empty, then completely disable the broker's broadcast capability."""
llhoft_glob = '/dev/shm/kafka/{detector}/*.gwf'
"""File glob for low-latency h(t) frames."""
low_latency_frame_types = {'H1': 'H1_llhoft',
'L1': 'L1_llhoft',
'V1': 'V1_llhoft'}
"""Types of frames used in Parameter Estimation (see
:mod:`gwcelery.tasks.inference`) and in cache creation for detchar
checks (see :mod:`gwcelery.tasks.detchar`).
high_latency_frame_types = {'H1': 'H1_HOFT_C00',
'L1': 'L1_HOFT_C00',
'V1': 'V1Online'}
"""Types of high latency frames used in Parameter Estimation
(see :mod:`gwcelery.tasks.inference`) and in cache creation for detchar
checks (see :mod:`gwcelery.tasks.detchar`).
idq_channels = ['H1:IDQ-PGLITCH_OVL_16_4096',
"""Low-latency iDQ p(glitch) channel names from live O3 frames"""
strain_channel_names = {'H1': 'H1:GDS-CALIB_STRAIN_CLEAN',
'V1': 'V1:Hrec_hoft_16384Hz'}
"""Names of h(t) channels used in Parameter Estimation (see
sentry_environment = 'test'
"""Record this `environment tag
<>`_ in Sentry log
only_alert_for_mdc = False
"""If True, then only sends alerts for MDC events. Useful for times outside
of observing runs."""
......@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ client = PromiseProxy(gracedb_sdk.Client,
('https://' + app.conf.gracedb_host + '/api/',),
{'fail_if_noauth': True, 'cert_reload': True})
if app.conf.gracedb_host == '':
log = get_task_logger(__name__)
......@@ -83,9 +86,11 @@ def create_label(label, graceid):
messages = {
b'"The \'ADVREQ\' label cannot be applied to request a signoff '
b'because a related signoff already exists."',
b'"The fields superevent, label must make a unique set."',
b'"The fields superevent, name must make a unique set."'
}"Cannot add label {} to {}. HTTP error {} message is:{}".format(
if e.response.content not in messages:
......@@ -114,6 +119,8 @@ def create_signoff(status, comment, signoff_type, graceid):
# If we got a 400 error because the signoff was already applied,
# then ignore the exception and return successfully to preserve
# idempotency."Failed signoff of {}. HTTP error message is:{}".format(
message = b'The fields superevent, instrument must make a unique set'
if message not in e.response.content:
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ omit =
parallel = True
concurrency =
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