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update jinja script

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......@@ -2,19 +2,21 @@
# Required inputs
export GWRUCIO_INI=example.ini
export GWRUCIO_INI=$1
BASEDIR=$(echo ${GWRUCIO_INI} | sed -e 's/.ini//')
# Derive filenames
export JOB_MANIFEST=$(echo ${GWRUCIO_INI} | sed -e 's/.ini/.yaml/')
mkdir -p $BASEDIR
export JOB_MANIFEST=$(echo ${GWRUCIO_INI} | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]' | sed -e 's/.ini/.yaml/')
echo "Writing manifest to ${BASEDIR}/${JOB_MANIFEST}"
# Generate job manifest
j2 job.yaml.j2 ${GWRUCIO_INI} > ${BASEDIR}/${JOB_MANIFEST}
# Generate kustomization
j2 kustomization.yaml.j2 ${GWRUCIO_INI} > ${BASEDIR}/kustomization.yaml
j2 ${TMPLTDIR}/kustomization.yaml.j2 ${GWRUCIO_INI} > ${BASEDIR}/kustomization.yaml
# Copy ini file to basedir
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