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# Change log
All notable changes to `dcc` will be documented in this file.
## 0.8.0
- CLI:
- Changed `dcc update` `--dry-run` flag to `--confirm/--no-confirm`; now it shows
the changes and prompts for confirmation
- Added interactive mode to `dcc archive` command, which prompts before downloading
- Changed `dcc archive` arguments to accept DCC numbers by default, instead allowing
loading of numbers from file using `--from-file`
- Package:
- Made remote file stream handling (for progress bars, too large files, etc.) more
generic, allowing for greater flexibility over downloads
- Added `DCCFile.exists` method
- Titles and filename strings are now sanitised upon `DCCFile` instantiation
- Added `DCCArchive.latest_revisions` method
- Moved default session function to `dcc.sessions`
- Exposed some imports on the package scope
- Developer tools:
- Added archive tests
- Renamed test data files
- Documentation:
- Added link to PyPI project on installation page
- Updated release procedure
## 0.7.6 (hotfix)
- Developer tools:
- Fixed PyPI deployment on CI
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