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# Change log
All notable changes to `dcc` will be documented in this file.
## 0.7.1
- Added Sphinx documentation
- Added simple continuous integration configuration to build and deploy the online
- Updated project URLs to point to new online documentation
- CLI:
- Rearranged shared options
- Changed "no archive dir" warning to an info level message
- Added `--locate` flag to `dcc open-file` command
- Renamed `dcc list-archives` to `dcc list`
- Simplified `meta.toml` schema versioning
......@@ -64,6 +64,8 @@ Creating a tagged release
#. Check out a release branch with the intended new version number with ``git checkout
-b release/X.Y.Z``, build the project (including documentation) and check it all
#. Summarise changes in ``CHANGELOG`` (hint: use ``git log dcc-X.Y.Z..HEAD`` where
``X.Y.Z`` was the previous tagged release) and commit.
#. Tag the release branch with ``git tag -a dcc-X.Y.Z``, typing "DCC vX.Y.Z" as the
release message.
#. Check out the ``develop`` branch again, and merge the release branch with ``git merge
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