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# Change log
All notable changes to `dcc` will be documented in this file.
## 0.7.4
- Package:
- Renamed `DCCNumber.string_repr` to `DCCNumber.format`
- Fixed bug with `DCCNumber` parsing
- Added `documents` property to `DCCArchive`
- Fixed bug with public sessions requiring IDP parameter (#21)
- Made file system writes (meta and attachment files) atomic
- Fixed various docstrings
- CLI:
- Changed `dcc scrape`:
- Renamed to `dcc convert`
- Changed function to extract DCC numbers from arbitrary text documents (HTML or
- Changed to accept local paths as well as URLs
- Changed to output a file (or stdout)
- Changed behaviour of `dcc archive` to accept only a file (or stdin) containing DCC
numbers to archive
- Fixed bug with archive directory
- Changed `--prefer-local` flag to `--ignore-version`
- Added descriptions for R and X record types
- Fixed bug with `dcc open-file` when no `-s`/`--archive-dir` flag is given
- Documentation:
- Changed documentation for changed CLI commands
- Added stdin pipe example
- Added examples page
- Developer tools:
- Added tests
- Added test stage to CI
- Added functions to compare DCC numbers, authors, records, and sets of records
- Added automated PyPI deploy job for tagged releases
## 0.7.3 (hotfix)
- Fixed bug loading archived TOML files
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