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===== Fibre profile data converter utility =====
This is a script to convert the format of the IGR fibre profiler's data files into a more understandable format. The fibre profiler outputs three different files representing the profiles of the top, middle and bottom sections of a single fibre. The columns in the middle file are arranged differently to those of the top and bottom. The file naming convention is also somewhat odd.
This tool searches the specified directory for appropriate fibre profile files, works out what they are, and combines them into one file that uses the same label as the original files. For example, the profiler might output the following files in directory `/home/sean/fibres`:
- `10_02_2017 20170210_A0 Bottom Neck.xls`
- `10_02_2017 20170210_A0 Middle.xls`
- `10_02_2017 20170210_A0 Top Neck.xls`
Here, the middle part, `20170210_A0`, is the identifier that the user provides to the LabVIEW script that produces those files. The last part, `Bottom Neck`, `Middle` and `Top Neck`, designates the type of file. This utility will use the identifier to name the new file, by default stored in the same directory as the source files, which contains the appropriate length and thickness columns from the three source files.
==== Prerequisites ====
- Python 3.5
==== Use ====
Navigate to the directory containing `fibrecnv`. Open up a terminal or command prompt and type:
$ python3 -m fibrecnv
This will list the usage instructions:
usage: fibrecnv <command> [<args>...]
list List fibre profile files in a given directory
convert Convert fibre profile files into single file
help Print manpage or command help (also "-h" after command)
As per the instructions, you can use the commands `list`, `convert` and `help`. To learn more about the first two commands, type `python3 -m fibrecnv help list` or `python3 -m fibrecnv help convert`. To just convert all of the fibre files in a directory, you would run `python3 -m fibrecnv convert /path/to/fibre/files`. There are optional parameters you can pass to `convert`, though, to turn on additional information output or to specify only a single identifier to convert - take a look at the help pages.
==== Credits ====
Sean Leavey
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