Commit 1b8924bb authored by Sean's avatar Sean
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Fix unused token warning

parent 3f173c81
......@@ -34,9 +34,8 @@ class LibraryQueryParser:
# top level tokens
tokens = [
'TERM', # base for PARAMETER and VALUE
'ID', # Numeric or string values.
......@@ -127,17 +126,15 @@ class LibraryQueryParser:
# Error handling.
def t_error(self, t):
# Anything that gets past the other filters.
raise ValueError(f"illegal character '{t.value[0]}' on line {t.lexer.linenp}")
raise ValueError(f"illegal character '{t.value[0]}' on line {t.lexer.lineno}")
def t_eof(self, t):
return None
def t_TERM(self, t):
def t_ID(self, t):
if t.value.lower() in self.parameters:
t.type = 'PARAMETER'
t.type = 'VALUE'
return t
def p_error(self, p):
......@@ -189,12 +186,12 @@ class LibraryQueryParser:
t[0] = getattr(operator, self._operators[t[1]])
def p_value_with_unit(self, t):
'value_with_unit : VALUE VALUE'
'value_with_unit : ID ID'
# Matches a value with a unit.
t[0] = t[1] + t[2]
def p_comparison_expression(self, t):
'''expression : PARAMETER comparison_operator VALUE
'''expression : PARAMETER comparison_operator ID
| PARAMETER comparison_operator value_with_unit'''
# parse value
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