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......@@ -67,12 +67,18 @@ The steps below should be followed when creating a new release:
#. Delete the release branch: ``git branch -d release/x.x.x``.
#. Push all changes to ``master`` and ``develop`` and the new tag to origin.
Note that when a new tag is pushed to the `` GitLab server, the CI runner automatically
creates and uploads a new PyPI release.
Updating PyPI (pip) package
This requires `twine <>`__ and the credentials for
the |Zero| PyPI project.
By default, the GitLab CI runner will deploy a PyPI package automatically whenever a new tag is
created. The instructions below are for when this must be done manually:
#. Go to the source root directory.
#. Checkout the ``master`` branch (so the release uses the correct tag).
#. Remove previously generated distribution files:
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