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Merge branch 'anchal.gupta/zero-feature/CITlabsOpampLibUpdate' into develop

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......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ op-amps:
imax: 0.02
sr: 2.8e6
pa85: &pa85
description: apex high voltage high current high speed opamp
a0: 3e5 # 110dB
gbw: 7e6 # cc = 68pF
......@@ -1154,3 +1154,13 @@ op-amps:
icorner: 20 # Guess
vmax: 15
imax: 35e-3
pa98: &pa98
<<: *pa85
description: Apex high voltage high current high speed opamp
comment: Change a0 and gbw according to Cc used and power limitations
aliases: pa98a
a0: 111 dB
sr: 100e6 # At Cc = 60 pF
- 7e6 # cc = 68pF
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