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Add solution order test (failing)

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"""Solution ordering tests"""
import unittest
from zero.liso import LisoInputParser
class LisoSolutionOrderTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
"""Base test case class for solution order tests"""
def setUp(self):
def reset(self):
"""Reset input parser"""
self.parser = LisoInputParser()
def parse_and_get(self, circuit, *args, **kwargs):
"""Parse specified circuit and return solution"""
return self.parser.solution(*args, **kwargs)
def parse_and_get_default_function_labels(self, circuit, *args, **kwargs):
"""Parse specified circuit and return default solution function names"""
solution = self.parse_and_get(circuit, *args, **kwargs)
labels = []
for functions in solution.default_functions.values():
labels.extend([function.label() for function in functions])
return labels
def check_default_function_order(self, circuit, pattern, items, *args, **kwargs):
"""Parse specified circuit and check its default function order matches the specified \
pattern substituted with the specified items."""
labels = self.parse_and_get_default_function_labels(circuit, *args, **kwargs)
with self.subTest():
self.assertEqual(labels, [pattern % item for item in items])
class SolutionOrderTestCase(LisoSolutionOrderTestCase):
"""Test that default solution functions are ordered in the same way as the input file"""
def test_solution_order_all_tfs(self):
"""Test solution order with all node transfer functions"""
circuit = """
c c1 270n nm2 no
c c2 7u no3 np1
c ca 1.5u nm2 ni
op n1a OP27 np1 gnd no1
op n2a OP27 gnd nm2 no
op n3a OP27 gnd nm3 no3
r ri2 3k nm3 no1
r ri1 1k no3 nm3
r r1 40k no1 nm2
r r2 2k np1 no
r ra 116k nm2 ni
r rb 2k np1 ni
r rq 23k nm2 no
r load 1k no gnd
r rin 50 nii ni
freq log 1 100 100
uinput nii
uoutput no all
self.check_default_function_order(circuit, "nii to %s (V/V)",
["nm2", "no", "no3", "np1", "ni", "no1", "nm3", "nii"])
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