1. 18 Aug, 2020 2 commits
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      Tweak doc build system and docs · 196c9425
      Sean Leavey authored
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      Change solution merging behaviour · 0ca0cef4
      Sean Leavey authored
      Groups were previously prepended with the solution name to avoid conflicts. This caused lots of extra
      complexity in other code, and created some strange labels when solutions were merged multiple times.
      Now group merging is entirely "dumb": groups with the same name get merged in the resulting solution.
      The rule regarding identical functions still stands, so identical functions in identical groups will
      throw an error if attempted to be merged. It is now up to the user to rename groups appropriately if
      they wish to keep groups with the same name separate after a merge (this is done in the CLI).
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  9. 26 Jan, 2020 3 commits
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      Fix bug with deepcopy · 65bbad6a
      Sean authored
      When deepcopying a circuit, the nodes were also deepcopied. This is a problem because
      nodes are supposed to be singletons. When the user wanted to analyse a deepcopied
      circuit that had previously been analysed, the input component would be added with
      different nodes even though those nodes would exist in the circuit already (same
      name, but different memory locations), leading to singular matrices when solving.
      The fix is to implement special deepcopy behaviour for circuits using __deepcopy__.
      This is not ideal; it might be worth removing the singleton property of nodes and
      make them circuit-specific.
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      Fix documentation plotting · b71adcda
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      Small comment fixes · 27e5b84b
      Sean authored
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