Zero 0.8.0


  - Implemented native and LISO parser support for calculating input noise
  - Updated data model to better handle noise projections
  - Added ability to plot op-amp open loop gain and noise with the CLI library search function
  - Updated op-amp library:
    - Merged in Caltech group's internal LISO op-amp library, removing some fakes (e.g. rana2000)
    - Deduplicated some op-amp definitions
  - Fixed plotting when comparing solutions (e.g. Zero to LISO) so now the equivalent curves have similar
  - Added better handling for incorrect library search syntax
  - Added method to replace an existing component in circuits
  - Fixed bug when deep copying circuits, which caused duplicate nodes to appear in the copy
  - Added ability to plot multiple (frequency compatible) LISO input files together with the CLI
  - Added support for saving op-amp library search results to file
  - Removed Quantity class and replace with the one provided by Quantiphy library
  - Changed op-amp library search utility to show all parameters, and allow sorting
  - Added support for specifing op-amp open loop gain in dB
  - Changes to tests
  - Various additional bug fixes
  - Documentation updates
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