Zero 0.9.0

This release contains a breaking change:

  • Grid z-order configuration setting, previously plot.grid_zorder, is now in its own section, plot.grid.zorder. Users who have overridden this setting in their own configuration must update this key.

Other changes:

  • Updated Bode and noise plotters to better choose y-axis limits. Now when the y-axis is in dB, the limits are expanded by +/-20 dB (overrideable) if the max/min data is close to a multiple of 20 dB.
  • By default, the y-axis for Bode phase plots is now ±180° (with a little extra margin for neatness). Users should specify explicit limits to override (or switch off the new setting, plot.bode.show_full_phase_limits, to go back to default Matplotlib behaviour).
  • Updated documentation with new examples.
  • Fixed bug with solution class where groups were not correctly filtered.
  • Fixed bug with solution class repr() method.