Commit 3e6fe9ec authored by soichiro.morisaki's avatar soichiro.morisaki

fix mcmc postproces bug

parent e1af5f8e
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......@@ -277,5 +277,10 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
for path in datafiles:
run_identifier = extract_metadata(path, metadata)
path_to_samples = '/'.join(['','lalinference',run_identifier,'posterior_samples'])
if path_to_samples in metadata:
for colname in final_posterior.columns:
metadata[path_to_samples].pop(colname, None)
write_samples(final_posterior, opts.pos,
path='/'.join(['','lalinference',run_identifier,'posterior_samples']), metadata=metadata)
path=path_to_samples, metadata=metadata)
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