lalapps: remove unused --enable-openmp

closes: #240
parent a7da7b50
......@@ -309,9 +309,6 @@ if test "${cuda}" = "true"; then
AC_DEFINE([LALAPPS_CUDA_ENABLED],[1],[Define if using cuda library])
# check for OpenMP
# link any executables against LALApps library
......@@ -349,7 +346,6 @@ LALApps has now been successfully configured:
* Condor support is $CONDOR_ENABLE_VAL
* GDS support is $GDS_ENABLE_VAL
* CUDA support is $CUDA_ENABLE_VAL
* OpenMP acceleration is $OPENMP_ENABLE_VAL
* Doxygen documentation is $DOXYGEN_ENABLE_VAL
* help2man documentation is $HELP2MAN_ENABLE_VAL
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