Commit a8b97fe1 authored by Riccardo Sturani's avatar Riccardo Sturani

Merge branch 'min_dt_fix' into 'master'

SEOBNRv4P: relax minimum timestep requirement

See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!1028
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......@@ -4676,7 +4676,7 @@ int XLALSimIMRSpinPrecEOBWaveformAll(
/* When using adaptice steps in the Runge-Kutta integrator, minimal step dt/M
* In units of mTotal, introduced because steps go to 0 in some symmetric,
* opposite-spin configurations */
REAL8 deltaT_min = 1.0e-1;
REAL8 deltaT_min = 8.0e-5;
/* Geometric output time step, in units of mTotal */
REAL8 deltaT = INdeltaT / mTScaled;
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