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## Citing LALSuite
The whole software suite can be cited with the doi
An example bibtex entry could look like this:
author = "{LIGO Scientific Collaboration}",
title = "{LIGO} {A}lgorithm {L}ibrary - {LALS}uite",
howpublished = "free software (GPL)",
doi = "10.7935/GT1W-FZ16",
year = "2018"
In addition, many codes contained in LALSuite are directly based on
one or several scientific papers,
many (not all) of which can be discovered through the documentation,
and should be cited when using those specific codes.
## Notes on Ancient History
LALSuite was transferred to in December 2017. Older history has been imported, though commit hashes were rewritten during the GitLFS conversion. Please note:
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