Commit c1194bfd authored by charlton's avatar charlton

Updated paths for utilities

parent 4124506f
TRUNK = ../../../trunk
UTIL = ../../../../../admin/utilities
# If building in src_cc then the top directory is two levels up
STOCH = ../..
UTIL = $(STOCH)/Utilities
MCC = mcc \
-I $(TRUNK)/Utilities \
-I $(TRUNK)/Utilities/ligotools/matlab \
-I $(UTIL) \
-I $(UTIL)/ligotools/matlab \
-I $(UTIL)/Channel \
-I $(UTIL)/detgeom/matlab \
-I $(UTIL)/misc \
-I $(UTIL)/not4toolbox/FTSeries \
-I $(UTIL)/FTSeries \
-R -nojvm -R -nodisplay -R -singleCompThread
# Including iofun causes compilation to give a segmentation fault but
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