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Commit fa7641b1 authored by Branson Stephens's avatar Branson Stephens

Added image files to GraceDB client VOEvent test suite.

parent 9f45f5d1
......@@ -51,6 +51,8 @@ def setup_module():
# XXX May want some more error handling.
r = g.writeLog(graceid, "Fake skymap file.", filename = "fake_skymap.txt",
filecontents = "Fake skymap.", tagname = "sky_loc")
r = g.writeLog(graceid, "Fake skymap image file.", filename = "fake_skymap_image.txt",
filecontents = "Fake skymap image.", tagname = "sky_loc")
f.write("successfully wrote log\n")
def teardown_module():
......@@ -83,7 +85,7 @@ def test_retrieve_voevent():
def test_create_update_voevent():
global update_voevent
r = g.createVOEvent(graceid, "Update", skymap_filename = "fake_skymap.txt",
skymap_type = "FAKE")
skymap_type = "FAKE", skymap_image_filename = "fake_skymap_image.txt")
rdict = r.json()
f.write("got update text = %s\n" % rdict['text'])
assert_true('voevent_type' in rdict.keys())
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