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LVAlert Users Guide
The LIGO-Virgo Alert System (LVAlert) is a notification
service built on the XMPP_ protocol and the pubsub extension.
It provides a basic notification tool which allows multiple producers
and consumers of notifications.
The current and legacy (to be depreciated) LVAlert clients are powered by
SleekXMPP_ and PyXMPP_, respectively. The server backend is powered by
Openfire_ v4.2.3.
First Steps
To use the service, you must first visit the `Account Activation`_ webpage
to set your LVAlert password. Your username is based on your "albert.einstein" credentials. To obtain a user or robot account with a unique username,
please contact `Alexander Pace`_ or `Tanner Prestegard`_.
LVAlert How To
LVAlert uses the Publish-Subscribe (PubSub) model to create and distribute
alerts to users. An entity (most commonly, GraceDB_) publishes an alert
to a node (think of it like a channel). Other entities subscribe to that node
(channel) and then listen for content published on the channel.
Alerts from GraceDB take the form of JSON_-formatted strings, whose contents
depend on the action from GraceDB (e.g.: new event upload, new label applied,
etc.). A description of LVAlert message contents from GraceDB is available for events_
and superevents_.
The listener can be configured to take an action upon receipt of an alert.
.. _XMPP:
.. _SleekXMPP:
.. _PyXMPP:
.. _Openfire:
.. _Account Activation:
.. _Alexander Pace:
.. _Tanner Prestegard:
.. _GraceDB:
.. _JSON:
.. _events:
.. _superevents:
......@@ -8,13 +8,30 @@ The CLI and API are compatible with Python 3. For backwards compatibility,
legacy Python clients powered by PyXMPP_ are included in the package, but are
slated to be removed from a future release of ligo-lvalert.
User Guide
Please visit the `LVAlert User Guide`_ for a brief overview and starter for the LVAlert
client and service.
Quick Start
Install from the lscsoft yum repository::
yum install ligo-lvalert
Install from the lscsoft debian repository::
apt install ligo-lvalert
Install with pip_::
pip install ligo-lvalert
Note that the pip installation requires the installation of libxml2, m2crypto, and
swig to support the legacy clients.
Put your username and password in your netrc_ file in ``~/.netrc``::
echo 'machine login albert.einstein password gravity' >> ~/.netrc
......@@ -28,12 +45,6 @@ Listen for LVAlert messages::
lvalert listen
User Guide
Please visit the `LVAlert User Guide`_ for a brief overview and starter for the LVAlert
client and service.
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