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# ligo-gracedb
Client software for the <b>Gra</b>vitational-wave <b>C</b>andidate <b>E</b>vent <b>D</b>ata<b>b</b>ase, a web service that organizes candidate events from gravitational wave searches and provides an environment to record information about follow-ups.
Further documentation is available at and
For more information, see the [full documentation](
## Install
Quick install description
## Contributing
Please fork the [repository]( and submit a merge request if you wish to contribute to this package.
## Testing
Probably move this to the documentation soon
### Unit tests
python test
### Integration tests
To test the package's compatibility with a GraceDB server requires a superuser account on the server.
python integration_test
### Compatibility with different versions of Python
Install tox:
pip install tox
## Quick install
pip install ligo-gracedb
Run all tests with all specified versions of Python:
Run unit tests only:
tox -e $(tox -l | grep unit_test | paste -sd "," -)
Run integration tests only:
tox -e $(tox -l | grep integration_test | paste -sd "," -)
## Contributing
Please fork this [repository]( and submit a merge request if you wish to contribute to this package.
Run all tests with one version of Python:
tox -e $(tox -l | grep py27 | paste -sd "," -)
The package's unit tests are run as a part of the repository's CI setup.
However, if you want to run the tests manually, see the [testing](ligo/gracedb/test/ documentation.
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