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Up mass1+mass2-vs-time consistent with mass1+mass2

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......@@ -453,17 +453,24 @@ class MassOrdering(InterfieldSpec):
return err.InvalidInterfield(self)
# Format 2
class Mass1VsTime(ROMSplineSpec):
"""Specification for the `mass1-vs-time` field"""
name = 'mass1-vs-time'
def createField(self, sim):
super(Mass1VsTime, self).createField(sim)
sim['mass1-vs-time/Y'][:] = np.array([4.0]*10)
class Mass2VsTime(ROMSplineSpec):
"""Specification for the `mass2-vs-time` field"""
name = 'mass2-vs-time'
def createField(self, sim):
super(Mass2VsTime, self).createField(sim)
sim['mass2-vs-time/Y'][:] = np.array([1.0]*10)
class Spin1xVsTime(ROMSplineSpec):
"""Specification for the `spin1x-vs-time` field"""
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