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    simplify testing by removing unnecessary reference · e1fb19b1
    Jameson Graef Rollins authored
    The assumption should really be that the HEAD of the repo is the
    current noise reference.  There is therefore no need to store a
    special reference hash for the tests.  This simplifies things quite a
    bit, in particular by not requiring submitters to update a reference.
    This commit drops the reference and modifies the test to just compare
    the current code against HEAD by default.  The option to compare
    against an arbitrary ref is preserved.
    The CI is updated for these simplifications.  The "test" job is now
    simple generation of the budgets.  The merge request approval job is
    renamed 'review:noise_change_approval`, and it's logic remains mostly
    the same: it compares the current budgets against the head of the MR
    target branch, and requires the same MR approval to pass.  The overall
    MR approval process therefor doesn't change.
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