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Fixes to kernel 4.19 patch, config for Debian 10 compatibility

Closes #12 (closed) #14 (closed) #15 (closed) New kernel 4.19 patch, config files Updated real-time build scheme, scripts

  • kernel-4.19-cs patch, config files now pulled from Debian 10 kernel (4.19.67)
  • disables CONFIG_DRM_AST to remove need for 'nomodeset' on boot line (issue 12)
  • enables CONFIG_MODVERSIONS in kernel (issue 14)
  • removes patch for cpu_up as EXPORT_SYMBOL instead of EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL (issue 15)

Has a bit more autoconf for realtime - need to run 'bootstrap' now to create top-level 'configure'

Will need updates to DKMS Makefile scripts for mbuf, gpstime to preserve Module.symvers files

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