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Librts Upgrades

Split up build options for more granularity


Add support for Debian 10

The old version did not support older versions of pybind, catch and spdlog. One limitation is that Python implemented generators are not supported in Debian 10.

Clang build support for APPLE machines

Unit Testing on APPLE and Debian 10

Portability Fixes for File Systems that are Case Insensitive

Expose more Filter Module Functions and more Data Return Types

Opswitch settings, and can now get data as a float.

Local Memory

Add support for librts to use local buffers instead of ant shared memory

perl-switch Removal

Old versions of perl supported a switch statement that was later split off into an extension module, and whose use is somewhat discouraged (if not deprecated altogether):

The Switch module isn't in the default conda distribution, so it's cumbersome for conda users to install.

This change removes the switch statement from the few places in advligorts that it was used (parameter parsing and tests), replacing it with an if/elsif/else construction.

Edited by Ezekiel Dohmen

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