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Introduce a new local_dc (local_dc_rs) that can auto (re)configure itself depending what models are running.

Jonathan Hanks requested to merge jonathan-hanks/advligorts:local_dc_rs into master
  • Added rust to the cmake files
  • Added rust wrappers to a number of libraries to export needed features
    • crc, advligorts headers, mbuf, gpstime
    • rust code is only built if the cargo command is found
  • Implemented a local_dc_rs
  • built in rust
  • can be run with a static specified list of models, a model list extracted from a rtsystab file, or auto configured by looking at which models are running on the system.
    • The auto configuration will notice when models are stopped and new models are added. It only works with models outputting to mbufs at this point in time.
  • Updated other minor pieces of test code to support testing of local_dc_rs

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