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Adapt the setup and defaults of the nds process

Jonathan Hanks requested to merge jonathan-hanks/advligorts:nds_startup into master


  • change the name of the socket from pipe to daqd_socket to better reflect its purpose
  • change the arg parsing to use the args library
  • change the nds process to take a path to the socketdir (or working directory) which houses the daqd_socket and the jobs directory
  • change the nds process to attempt to create the jobs dir if needed
  • default the socketdir to /var/run/nds to get a reasonable default
  • update the daqd to default to /var/run/nds for the nds_jobs_dir
  • update the daqd to use daqd_socket instead of pipe for communication with the nds
  • update the ctest test_daqd_nds to use --socketdir for communication

The goal of this is to help regularize the nds process and ease the setup for systemd.

Edited by Jonathan Hanks

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