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Revamp Public Alerts Page for O4

Alexander Pace requested to merge public-alerts-page into master

Reference: #267 (closed)

  • remove /O3/ from /superevents/public/O3/ url path
  • have /O{N}/ redirect to /superevents/public/O3/
  • define ER15 and O4 in RUN_MAP (TODO: fix that with actual gpstimes when they are finalized)
  • have SupereventPublicView loop over observation runs, make one table for each
  • figure out source properties from new VOEvent entries (like HasMassGap)
  • should source properties come from p_astro instead?
  • clean up page and tables
  • add links to to go to specific part of page? automatically forwarded from /O3/, /O4, etc?
  • A pull-down menu from the "Public Alerts" banner link?
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