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Update H1 channel list with ER15 safety information from pointy

Geoffrey Mo requested to merge into master

Safety studies from pointy-poisson from injections performed at H1 on 2023-05-12 and subsequent manual inspection of other channels flagged by Andy/Brennan found that there are 5 new unsafe channels:

Dashed vertical lines on omegascans are times of injections






Additionally, we are marking H1:PEM-CS_MAG_EBAY_SUSRACK_Z_DQ and H1:PEM-CS_MAG_EBAY_SUSRACK_X_DQ as unsafe.

We also decided to mark all PCAL channels as safe. Since these injections are performed in the Pcal, it's difficult to assess their safety by the methods we use for other channels. However, everything they do should be flagged and they shouldn't be unsafe, so we will call them safe from now on.

H1:PEM-EY_VMON_ETMY_ESDPOWER18_DQ and the other ETMY ESDPOWERs are safe but glitchy, so this also marks them as such.

These studies are documented in more detail here:

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