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0.13.2 (unreleased)
1.0.0 (unreleased)
- Update to Celery 5.
- Rename branch ``master`` to ``main``.
- Switch build, packaging, and deployment from setuptools+pipenv to poetry.
- Use a date-tagged IGWN Conda environment to prevent unversioned changes
to dependencies.
- Some unit tests now use a live worker instead of "eager" mode. As a result,
Celery's behavior in those unit tests is more similar to production, and
therefore more likely to catch any concurrency bugs, race conditions, or
- Rewrite GitLab CI pipeline to use the IGWN computing group's Python job
- For deploymenet jobs in the GitLab CI pipeline, use ssh+kerberos instead of
the now-defunct gsissh for unattended login to LDG hosts.
- Remove mock module imports from Sphinx configuration, for simpler and more
robust documentation builds.
- Increase the value of the Celery ``worker_proc_alive_timeout`` to 8 seconds
in order to avoid unnecessarily killing workers that are slow to start up.
- Remove workarounds that were in place to preserve order of results from
groups of tasks, because Celery 5 now preserves result order automatically.
- Require astropy >= 4.3.1 due to an upstream bug
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